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Joseph: An Obedient Man of Integrity

One of the best ways to learn about a person’s character is to look at how they react to adversity. Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph the carpenter, was no stranger to adversity. So to better understand Joseph’s character, we are going to look at his reactions to difficult situations. 

Joseph: 20/20 Vision (Part V)

In all of this, Joseph did not forget that God is in control. It was true for Joseph and it’s true for you. God foils evil plans, He will help you flee temptation, He gives understanding, He has a plan, and His promises come true.

Joseph: 20/20 Vision (Part I)

“So it was God who sent me here, not you!” (Genesis 45:8). God is in control—not the cancer, not the malfunctioning car, not the brothers who sold Joseph into slavery. Let us hold on to Joseph’s perspective throughout our day. God is in control. Always.